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VUE Classifieds

To view the Classifieds page, click here!

VUE Classifieds has been created to provide a virtual message board for Vue residents. Here are some of the ways you can use VUE Classifieds:
- Offer various goods for sale/trade/give-away
- Owners can offer to lease/trade parking & storage spaces
- Offer professional services (by Vue residents, for Vue residents)
- General announcements that would be beneficial to the Vue community (including area events & volunteer opportunities)

 Please note:
The contents of the ads will be screened and, at the discretion of the building, posted to the website within 2 business days. At this time all postings are free, though Vue HOA reserves the right to begin charging a modest fee in the future for some types of posts (including long-term posts advertising services). Ads can be removed without notice by management due to content, expiration, and for the purposes of maintaining a clutter-free site. The Vue Homeowners Association and its officers, directors and agents do not endorse, support, warrant, screen, verify or test any of the goods, services or language that are the subject of the ads posted, and shall not be liable, responsible or otherwise for any and all claims, demands, costs, and/or expenses arising in any way from the goods, services and/or content of the ads.

How does it work?
1. Send an email to with the following information:
    a. SUBJECT = (title of your post)
b. BODY = (content of your post)
2. An email will be sent to the moderator for review, and, if accepted, will post within 2 business days.

Make sure you provide details: Cost, Description of item(s), a way to contact you, etc.


Please notify the front desk if your posting is no longer applicable and should be removed.